RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo

The complete app development suite for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android

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RAD Studio is the same ultra-fast cross-platform Native App IDE with flexible Cloud services and broad IoT connectivity that you know, with a lot more packed into it. The first IDE to offer .appx packages creation for the Windows App Store, now also includes support for Linux 64bit servers. Reach the widest audience with App Store support for Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android - all from the same native code base. 10.2 delivers update subscription customers a new platform and a large number of community voted feature requests, delivering Linux and a host of RTL improvements.

RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo helps you:

  • Create fast native apps for Windows, Mac and mobile from one codebase
  • Create Linux and Windows server applications
  • Build 64-bit Windows applications and parallelize existing code
  • Bind any control to other objects or datasets with LiveBindings
  • Get universal enterprise database connectivity with FireDAC
  • Modernize Windows applications with new components and styles
  • Extend Windows apps with mobile and wearable companion apps
  • Access cloud based BaaS and REST services
  • Easily deploy stateless, restful, scalable, and secure turnkey middleware to mobilize Enterprise apps
  • Get a fast start and fast results

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RAD Studio include following products:

-Delphi – The fastest way to build native apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
-C++Builder – Multi-device C++ development for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
-HTML5 Builder - Multi-device web and mobile web app development.
-InterBase Developer Edition and InterBase ToGo (in Professional edition and above) – InterBase Developer Edition provides developers with the best cross-platform database to build and test database applications for embedded and SME applications.
-IBLite - Database for WIndows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS
-3-Party components
          -FastReport VCL 4-RAD edition och FireMonkey edtion
          -TeeChart Standard
          -CodeSite Express
          -AQtime Standard
          -Beyond Compare Tect Compore

Dealing with Multiple UI Form Factors? Revolutionize the process with FireUI

RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo and the FireUI Multi-Device Designer delivers the only true single source solution for natively compiled applications. Most vendors who support native cross-platform development require separate user interfaces to be written on each platform.

Build a common UI that works across multiple form factors of mobile phones, tablets, and desktop systems. Most mobile development solutions do not support the creation of PC apps for Windows and OS X.

RAD Studio continues to enhance the process of building great apps with FireUI! The all new Multi-Device Preview provides a design time side-by-side view comparing your apps UI over different form factors on a given platform – all in one window!

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New Features

RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo New Features

Delphi Linux Compiler

  •     64-bit Linux platform support.
  •     Delphi language support.
  •     ARC-enabled.
  •     1-based strings.
  •     LLVM engine based.

Supported Linux Distributions - RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo supports the following Linux distributions:

  •     Ubuntu Server (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS).
  •     RedHat Enterprise Linux (version 7).

RTL features supported

  •     Linux file system access.
  •     Threading and Parallel Programming Libraries support.
  •     Memory management.
  •     HTTP and REST libraries support for HTTP calls.

64-bit Linux for Server Applications - The latest RAD Studio technologies for server applications have gained 64-bit Linux support.

  •     FireDAC provides Linux support for all Linux-capable DBMS, with the only exception of Informix. See Database Connectivity.
  •     WebBroker, RAD Server (EMS), and DataSnap support for Multi-tier servers (standalone and Apache modules).
  •     DUnitX support.
  •     PAServer support.
  •     Indy-based client and server support.


New System Status Bar Options on iOS

  •     Two new properties have been added to TForm for changing the behavior of the system status bar on iOS: SystemStatusBar.BackgroundColor and SystemStatusBar.Visibility.

Enhancements to TMultiView

  •     Turn off user interaction with TMultiView using the Enabled property.
  •     New options to manage border appearance in TMultiView.
  •     Bottom and top alignments for the docked panel mode in TMultiView.

Multi-Threading Support for TBitmap, TCanvas and TContext3D

  •     TBitmap: Complete multi-threading support. Can be created, destroyed, and modified in any thread without synchronizations.
  •     TCanvas: Supports being used from multiple threads at once, but is internally serialized.
  •     TContext3D: Supports being used from multiple threads at once, but is internally serialized

FireDAC and Database

Improvements for Firebird

  •     New Direct property to add support for the Direct I/O backup feature.

Improvements for MySQL

  •     Support for MySQL v 5.7.
  •     Support for MariaDB v 5.5 or later. Use FireDAC's MySQL node to connect to MariaDB.
  •     Compatibilty with the recent MySQL versions 5.6.x and 5.7.x.
  •     MySQL Prepared Statements API: now both old API (MySQL text protocol) and PS API (MySQL prepared statements protocol) are supported.
  •     You can select a desirable API using the TFDResourceOptions.DirectExecute property.
  •     Depending on the API in use, the TFDCommand.CommandIntf.CliObj property returns a TMySQLStatement or TMySQLResult object.
  •     Support for internal BLOB streaming (in the smOpenWrite mode only).
  •     Improvements for a synchronization of a connection transaction state and the TFDConnection.InTransaction property. This property allows you to determine whether a connection transaction is currently in progress.

Other FireDAC Changes

  •     The TFDDataMove component has been removed from this release and is no longer available in Tool Palette. Use the TFDBatchMove component instead.
  •     Note: If you need TFDDataMove for your legacy projects, use the FireDAC.Comp.DataMove.pas unit available at:
  •     Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo | Samples, and then navigate to:
  •     Object Pascal\Comp Layer\TFDBatchMove\DataMove_Deprecated
  •     TFDBatchMove has been optimized. As a side effect, the DestValue and SourceValue properties of TFDBatchMoveMappingItem are no longer available.
  •     TFDMSAccessService now supports Microsoft Access 2007 or higher.
  •     Enhancements to the TFDMemTable component to edit the TFDMemTable dataset at design time. Now the TFDMemTable context menu provides the Edit DataSet... item that allows you to edit the component data and save them to the form. The data are available at run time.

Database improvements

  •     VCL TDBImage direct support for JPEG and PNG graphic formats.
  •     Support for display options for BlobFields.
  •     Direct GUID access for TField classes.


HTTP Client

  •     HTTP Client Library provides support for 64-bit Linux.
  •     Improved async support in HTTP client

RTL support for 64-bit Linux

  •     RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo provides Linux file system support using standard system functions, streams, and the IOUtils unit. It also provides Standard RTL Path Functions support for 64-bit Linux.

App Tethering Improvements

  •     New SynchronizeEvents property for TTetheringManager and TTetheringProfile to control the event synchronization with the main thread. Therefore, Managers and Profiles can now control whether their event handlers are executed on the main thread or not.
  •     Improved support for Log filtering: added more logging messages.

Mobile Platforms

Improved C++ packages for mobile

  •     RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo links C++ packages for iOS and Android statically. Previous versions of RAD Studio generated a file with the .so extension for C++ packages, but were not actually dynamic libraries. RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo generates C++ packages with the correct file extension (.a). If you statically link against a .so package, you may need to change to link against the new filename.

RAD Server Multi-Tenancy Support

  •     With Multi-Tenancy support, a single RAD Server instance with a single RAD Server database connection can support multiple isolated tenants. Each tenant has a unique set of RAD Server resources including Users, Groups, Installations, Edge Modules, and other data. All tenants have custom resources that are installed in the EMS Server. Also, as an administrator you can create new tenants, edit existing ones, add, edit, or delete details of your tenants, specify if the tenant is active, and delete the tenants that you do not need.

C++ Compilers

Better Support for Debugging - In Clang-enhanced compilers:

  •     Local variables in code built with the Clang-enhanced compilers for Win32 and Win64 can now always be evaluated in watches or the Local Variables view.
  •     When code has two local variables with the same name in different scopes in a method, variable evaluation can now resolve both and display the correct one depending on the current location.
  •     Class names are now always displayed in the call stack.
  •     (Clang-enhanced Win32) Support for external type files for debug information, which reduces duplication of debug information created for common types used in many compilation units, such as VCL types.   This significantly reduces the size of debug information generated when building.

Better Codegen - In Clang-enhanced compilers:

  •     Codegen for -O1 and -O2 optimization levels has been improved, including resolving all known issues.
  •     New support for -O3. The Clang-enhanced Win32 and Win64 compilers support -O3, a strong optimization level which may double compiled code performance in some situations.

Mobile Platform support

  •     C++ Android applications can be built without requiring specific versions of the NDK.

Linkers - The C++ linker has significant improvements:

  •     Improved resource handling to address heap errors, including out of memory, VIRDEF, dwarf_str, and others.
  •     The linker can now use up to 4GiB of memory; it is no longer limited to 2GiB.
  •     The linker options have been extended to allow you to set the resource allocation sizes for specific types of debug or linker data.

Exception handling

  •     Significant quality improvements for exception handling, addressing errors relating to memory leaks.


  •     Code Insight and Code Completion for Delphi now correctly handles static and dynamic arrays.
  •     The Find In Files dialog works on screens with high DPI.
  •     Support for designing and opening forms at different DPIs has been improved.
  •     The View Menu has been re-arranged. Tool windows such as the Object Inspector, Structure, Messages, etc have been moved to a Tool Windows submenu just below the existing Debug Windows submenu, and a new Editor submenu contains a number of editor actions and useful features from the editor's context menu. Other items have been moved to keep related items adjacent to each other.
  •     The context menus for the code editor tabs and files in the Project Manager now have a "Show In Explorer" menu item, which will show the file's location in Explorer.
  •     The project's manifest file support now supports several execution levels: As Invoker, Highest Available, and Require Administrator, and also allows the UI Access flag to be set.
  •     IDE loading speed should be fast even with high network load or a missing network connection.
  •     Support for building very large project groups, such as those with over a hundred projects, has been improved.

iOS debuggers

  •     Full support for iOS10 debugging (from a 10.1 Berlin hotfix)
  •     Full support for iOS Simulator debugging (from a 10.1 Berlin hotfix) - Delphi only.
  •     Writing Delphi string values is supported in the iOS debugger
  •     Evaluating character arrays gives the expected result
  •     Errors ending the debug session (also on macOS) are resolved

macOS debuggers

  •     Full support for macOS Sierra debugging (from a 10.1 Berlin hotfix)
  •     Errors ending the debug session (also on iOS) are resolved

Linux debuggers

  •     Support for debugging on Linux (Delphi only)


High DPI fixes - Improved High DPI support:

  •     Form bounds are now correctly adjusted in response to WM_DPICHANGED messages, meaning TForm.AutoScroll works correctly, as well as the form's top/left position
  •     Forms open at the correct scaling factor when the system has multiple monitors with different DPIs
  •     TTabSheet and TPageControl, and controls placed on tab sheets or page controls
  •     ActionMainMenuBar when moving a form across monitors with different DPIs
  •     VCL menus (both main menus and popup menus) now display correctly on high DPI monitors
  •     TStatusBar's height remains correct in high DPI
  •     Message dialogs' icons are now scaled correctly
  •     Anchored controls now stay in the expected position when moving a form between monitors with different DPIs
  •     TCheckBox and TRadioButton paint correctly
  •     Several issues with form inheritance, including that controls now use the correct font size when placed on a panel with ParentFont set to true on an inherited form, and TListView column sizes remaining correct on an inherited form.

Other improvements

GetIt installer

  •     Enhanced parallel downloads.


  •     Improved Azure and AWS support with updated APIs.


  •     Delphi command line compilers are now large-memory-address enabled, allowing you to compile larger applications from the command line (and matching the memory available to the compilers when invoked in the IDE).
  •     Given that dynamic arrays are managed types, involving reference counting and associated helper function generation, casting array elements using the @ operator is disallowed as it leads to memory corruption. Performing a similar operation is still allowed using an explicit cast operation, under the developer responsibility.

iOS 10 Simulator, device, and macOS

  •     Full support for iOS 10, including iOS 10 32-bit and 64-bit debugging on device, Simulator support (Delphi only) and macOS Sierra support.

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RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo System Requirements

Minumum Hardware Requirements
-1.6 GHz or faster processor
-1 GB of RAM
-Between 6 GB and 60 GB¹ of available disk space.
-11-capable video card that runs at 1024x768 or higher resolution

Operating System Requirements
-Windows 10
-Windows 10 Anniversary Update
-Windows 8 and 8.1
-Windows 7 SP1

Requirements for Supported Target Platforms

64-bit Windows - Either a PC that runs 64-bit Windows or a 32-bit PC connected to a PC that runs 64-bit Windows.

OS X - An Intel-based Mac with more than 2 GiB of RAM running any of the following versions of OS X:
-OS X 10.9 Mavericks
-OS X 10.10 Yosemite
-OS X 10.11 El Capitan

iOS - All requirements for OS X support.
-Xcode, version 6 or later.
 -Membership in the Apple Developer Program.

Android - An Android device that runs on an ARMv7 processor with NEON support.

Linux - 64-bit Linux running any of the following distributions:
Ubuntu Server (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)
RedHat Enterprise Linux (version 7)


License opt.

radstudio matris version

RAD Studio Professional
Embarcadero RAD Studio Professional is app development for ISVs who need to create true native apps for PCs, tablets, and smartphones with local and embedded database connectivity. Build apps using the same source codebase without sacrificing app quality or performance. With native Android and iOS support, reach the largest addressable mobile markets in the world. RAD Studio Professional features include:

■Multi-device, cross-platform development for Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X using the FM Application Platform
■64-bit Windows app development with Delphi and C++
■dbExpress local database connectivity to InterBase® and MySQL in Delphi and C++Builder
■FireDAC local database connectivity for Microsoft Access database, SQLite database, InterBase ToGo / IBLite, InterBase on localhost, MySQL Embedded, MySQL Server on localhost, Advantage Database local engine, PostgreSQL on localhost, Firebird Embedded, and Firebird on localhost
■Earlier version licenses and software for Delphi, C++Builder and HTML5 Builder at no extra cost
■Cloud computing integration with Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure
■UML code visualization, providing a visual representation of source code for easier understanding

FireDAC Client/Server Add-On Pack for RAD Studio Professional
Extend the database connectivity of the apps you create RAD Studio Professional using the FireDAC Client/Server Add-On Pack. With its powerful universal architecture FireDAC enables direct access from your applications to Oracle, SQL Server, InterBase, DB2, Firebird, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Anywhere, Advantage DB, Access, Informix, DataSnap and more.

RAD Studio Enterprise
Embarcadero RAD Studio Enterprise is app development for ISVs and enterprises who need to create apps for PCs, tablets, and smartphones with client/server and n-tier capabilities, enterprise database and cloud connectivity to SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, InterBase, Azure & Amazon, and DataSnap multi-tier technology. RAD Studio Enterprise includes everything in the Professional edition, plus the following for building client/server and multi-tier database and Web applications:

■Database server connectivity to InterBase, Firebird, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere, and ODBC
■New FireDAC enterprise database connectivity
■DataSnap multi-tier application development and PHP DataSnap client development
■Full two-way UML modeling capabilities with multiple diagram types, synchronization between code and models, documentation generation, and design patterns

RAD Studio Architect
Embarcadero RAD Studio Architect is the multi-device, true native app development suite for enterprises that need to create true native apps for PCs, tablets, and smartphones that integrate with enterprise database systems. It also includes visual data modeling to help developers get the most value out of enterprise databases and data structures. RAD Studio Architect includes everything in the Enterprise edition plus powerful database modeling and design capabilities:

■Reverse-engineer, analyze, and optimize databases
■Automatically generate database code from models for forward engineering
■Create logical and physical models based on information extracted from databases and script files
■Work with highly readable and navigable diagrams
■Advanced compare and merge with bidirectional comparisons and merges of model and database structures.

Embarcadero software licensing solutions 


Embarcadero support and help can be found at following links:

Embarcadero Support
RAD Studio Resource Center

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