INTEL C++ and Fortran XE 2018

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Intel C++ and Fortran compilers include advanced optimization and multithreading capabilities along with excellent compatibility with popular development environments. It is not unreasonable to expect a speed bump just by recompiling your existing code with the Intel Compilers.

Intel offers a variety of solutions for C++, Fortran and Python developers running on Windows, Linux or Mac. Choose between the regular Intel Composer Edition and a larger suite such as Intel Professional Edition which also include advanced optimization and multithreading capabilities, highly optimized performance libraries and analysis tools for creating fast reliable multithreaded applications.

Intel Parallel Studio XE comes in three editions based on your development needs.

Composer Edition includes compilers, performance libraries, and parallel models optimized to build fast parallel code.
Professional Edition includes everything in the Composer edition. It adds performance profiler, threading, design/prototyping, and memory & thread debugger to design, build, debug and tune fast parallel code.
Cluster Edition includes everything in the Professional edition. It adds a MPI cluster communications library, along with MPI error checking and tuning to design, build, debug and tune fast parallel code that includes MPI.


Intel Parallel Studio XE comes in three key editions based on your development needs.


Intel Composer delivers outstanding performance for your applications as they run on systems using Intel® Core™ or Xeon® processors, including Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors, and IA-compatible processors. It combines all the tools from Intel® C++ Composer. Visual Studio* 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017 is a prerequisite on Windows and the gnu tool chain is supported on Linux and OS X.

  • Intel C++ Compiler - industry-leading C and C++ application performance with built-in advanced parallelism support with Intel Cilk Plus and OpenMP support.
  • Intel Fortran Compiler - industry-leading Fortran application performance with extensive support for Fortran standards, OpenMP, and more.
  • Intel Distribution for Python
  • Intel OpenMP - implement scalable parallelism using OpenMP 5.0 standard. Compatible with all C, C++, and Fortran compilers using standard APIs for simple code integration.
  • Intel Cilk Plus - the simplest way to add scalable vector and task parallelism - using only three keywords.
  • Intel Math Kernel Library - extensive C, C++, and Fortran compatible math library that uses standard APIs for simple code integration.
  • Intel Threading Building Blocks - widely used C++ template library with rich set of components to efficiently implement higher-level, task-based parallelism.
  • Intel Integrated Performance Primitives - optimised C++ library of software functions for multimedia processing, data processing, and communications applications.
  • Rogue Wave IMSL Library - available as an add-on to Fortran based suites or Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows with Rogue Wave IMSL.


The Professional Edition includes all of the functionality of the Composer Edition, plus:

  • Intel Inspector XE - quickly find memory leaks and memory allocation errors, locate difficult-to-find threading errors like data races and deadlocks and detect out of bounds accesses and dangling pointers.
  • Intel VTune Amplifer XE - collect a rich set of data to tune CPU and GPU compute performance, multicore scalability, bandwidth, and more. Sort, filter, and visualise results for quick insight into performance bottlenecks and automate regression tests and collect data remotely using the powerful command line.
  • Intel Advisor XE - analyse, design, tune, and check your threading design before implementation, explore and test threading options without disrupting normal development and predict thread errors and performance scaling on systems with more cores.


The Cluster Edition includes all of the functionality of the Composer and Professional Editions, plus:

  • Intel MPI Library - performance-optimised MPI Library with sustained scalability: low latencies, higher bandwidth, and increased processes.
  • Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector - powerful MPI communications profiling and analysis with low overhead and effective visualization.

New features

What is new in Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018

-Speed application performance with Intel® AVX-512 for the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors.
-Accelerate MPI applications with Intel® Omni-Path Architecture.
-Accelerate HPC with high performance Python.
-Find high impact, but under optimized loops using Intel® Advisor’s roofline analysis.
-Stay up to date with the latest standards and IDEs:
              -Full C++14 and initial C++ 2017 draft
              -Full Fortran 2008 and initial Fortran 2015 draft
              -Python 2.7 and 3.6, initial OpenMP 5.0 draft
              -Microsoft Visual Studio* 2017 integration
-Flexibility for What You Need
-Quickly spot high payoff opportunities for faster code using a combined performance snapshot for MPI, CPU, FPU, and memory use.
-Adds MPICH and Cray support.
-Easily access the latest Intel® Performance Libraries and Intel® Python* Distribution via APT GET, YUM and Conda.
-New, broader redistribution rights for Intel® Performance Libraries and Intel® Distribution for Python.

What’s New in the different editions of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018

Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Composer Edition 2018

-Advance Support for Intel® Architecture – Use Intel compiler to generate optimized code for Intel Atom® through Intel® Xeon Scalable and Xeon Phi processor families
-Achieve Superior Parallel Performance – Vectorize & thread your code (using OpenMP) to take full advantage of the latest SIMD - enabled hardware, including AVX - 512 instructions
-Develop Smart Code with Confidence – Access extensive compiler diagnostics to study code generation characteristics, use with Intel VTune Amplifier & Intel® Advisor for further analysis
-Faster Compile Time – Memory management improvements reduce application compile time without sacrificing runtime performance
-Lightweight Hardware - based Profile - guided Optimization alternative – Experience many benefits of profile information without the overhead of instrumentation.

Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Professional Edition 2018

Intel VTune Amplifier
-Accurately profile C, C++, Fortran, Python, Go, Java, or any mix
-Optimize CPU, threading, memory, cache, storage & more
-Save time: rich analysis leads to insight

2018 VTune Amplifier News:    
-Quick metrics for shared & distributed memory apps
-Cross - OS analysis – e.g. analyze Linux from Windows or macOS
-Profile inside containers

Intel Inspector
-Correctness Tools Increase ROI By 12% - 21%
-Errors found earlier are less expensive to fix
-Races & deadlocks not easily reproduced
-Memory errors are hard to find without a tool
-Debugger Integration Speeds Diagnosis
           -Breakpoint set just before the problem
           -Examine variables & threads with the debugger

2018 Inspector News:     
Fewer false positives
C++ 17 std::shared_mutex added
Windows SRW Locks added

Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Cluster Edition 2018

Intel Trace Analyzer & Collector
-Powerful Profiler, Analysis & Visualization Tool for MPI Applications
-Low overhead for accurate profiling, analysis & correctness checking
-Easily visualize process interactions, hotspots & load balancing for tuning & optimization
-Workflow flexibility: Compile, Link or Run

2018 Trace Analyzer & Collector News
-Support of OpenSHMEM applications
-Supports the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors

Intel Cluster Checker 2018
-For Linux High Performance Compute Clusters
-Verifies system health
-Offers suggested actions
-Provides extensible framework
-API for integrated support

2018 News
-Adds support for new Intel silicon & platform elements (processors, fabric, memory, storage, cluster provisioning, HPC platforms)
-Introduces simplified grouping of checks for extensibility
-Improves diagnostic output
-Validates Intel Scalable System Framework Classic HPC Cluster Reference Architectures
-Check Intel Omni-Path in-depth
-Analyze data from multiple database sources


Following matrix explains which products that are included in the different product editions



Intel Parallel Studio XE is sold as single user or floating server license. 

If you are using the Materials under the control of a Single- User license, you as an individual may install and use the Materials on an unlimited number of computers provided that you are the only individual using the Materials and only one copy of the Materials is in use at any one time. A separate license is required for each additional use and/or individual user in all other cases.

If you are using the Materials under the control of a Floating license, you may (a) install the Materials on an unlimited number of computers that are connected to the designated network and (b) use the Material by no more than the authorized number of concurrent users. A separate license is required for each additional concurrent user and/or network on which the Materials are used.

The componens within Intel Parallel Studio XE can also be purchased seperately (Intel Composer XE, Inspector, Amplifier with more).

Student and academic licenses are offered seperately.

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