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Built specifically for Mac users by dedicated Mac developers, NVivo for Mac is the best native Mac application for qualitative data analysis. If you're a Mac person who needs to find insight in qualitative data, try NVivo for Mac - the advanced, feature rich, qualitative data analysis software, for Mac people.

QSR Partnership 2015 HorizontalNo matter what material you use, whatever your project or background - NVivo allows you to explore, analyse and glean insight from your information like never before.

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What´s new in Update 4

Collect your notes, organize your literature review and enrich your analysis with the latest update to NVivo for Mac.
In a nutshell, the update lets you

  • Streamline your literature reviews with new support for reference management tools; Mendeley, Zotero and RefWorks
  • Use intuitive coding tools to identify themes
  • Compare and explore your data visually with new comparison diagrams
  • Work on-the-go with a seamless connection to OneNote Online

Read more at the NVivo Blog

comparison diagram mac

What´s new in Update 3

Printing in NVivo for Mac
Keen to share your work with peers, team mates or supervisors?
You can now:

  • Print your text sources with coding stripes, nodes, cases, maps and diagrams
  • Print node reference view with coding stripes and highlighting
  • Print visualizations.

Read more at the NVivo Blog

print for mac


What’s new in Update 2?    

NVivo for Mac is continuing to evolve at a steady pace and the next update brings some seriously useful visualizations as well as support for more languages.

New visualizations

  • Brainstorm and think creatively
    Fire-up your right brain and think creatively with the new mind maps.  Whether you’re capturing early thoughts or consolidating themes, a mind map can help you to step back from the textual data and let your visual side take over.

  • Be guided by your intuition
    Explore diagrams help you to follow hunches and track connections between the people, themes and sources in your project.

  • Spot trends and liven-up presentations
    You can use hierarchy charts to get a holistic view of your data from different angles. For example, just by clicking on Hierarchy Chart in the ribbon, you can get a feel for the dominant themes in your project

Work in more languages

  • If you’ve been looking forward to working with a French, German or Spanish (Mexico) interface - then your wait is over.

  • With this update you can change the interface setting (via your Mac system preferences) and work in your chosen language.

Read the news in Update 2 in detail

What’s new in Update 1?    

Collaborate together on a project and improve your literature reviews with Endnote

Team collaboration with NVivo for Mac

  • Deliver results faster by copying the master project so that team members can work on individual copies of the project at the same time. When you’re ready, bring everyone’s work together by merging projects.
  • Monitor team members’ work to keep track of progress and direction.
  • Use coding comparison queries to compare coding across team members’ work to ensure they’re working consistently. This helps prove the validity of your research, aiding in editorial reviews and publications.
  • Use color to visually distinguish items to keep track, add emphasis and organize.

EndNote support

  • It’s easier to manage and query your bibliographic data, notes and articles with simple imports from EndNote to NVivo for Mac.  
  • Combine the specialized functionality of EndNote, with NVivo’s advanced querying, grouping and analysis tools so you can ask more questions of your data. Importing information like bibliographies and articles from EndNote to NVivo means you can query the literature in finer detail and deliver more robust papers.


NVivo for Mac Overview     

  • Import and analyze documents, images, PDFs, audio, video, spreadsheets, web pages, and Twitter and Facebook data.    
  • Work with data in virtually any language.    
  • Save time by autocoding datasets.    
  • Organize information using theme, case, and in-vivo coding.    
  • Review your work with coding stripes and highlighting.    
  • Import and create editable, synchronized transcripts.    
  • Keep track of thoughts and ideas with memos and annotations.    
  • Ask questions of your data using text search, word frequency, coding, and matrix coding queries. 
  • Visualize and share your data with word tree and word cloud visualizations.    
  • Export items to easily share your data, analysis and findings.

Widest data support

Import, manage and analyze text, audio, video, images and spreadsheets. Additionally, download and use NCapture, a simple browser plugin, to collect social media and web content.

NVivo for Mac is the only native Mac qualitative data analysis software that allows you to collect data from both Facebook and Twitter as rich datasets. So you can access the online conversations and content about your topic of interest, but also the valuable data behind the comments, like demographics and locations.

Keep data organized

Use powerful organization and search tools to keep your data under control. Storing all your information in the one place means you can find what you need quickly and easily.

Save time by automatically grouping information based on your set criteria. Store ideas, assumptions and future plans in memos so you can prepare reports faster, and increase transparency and reliability. Use annotations to make notes about information in documents and PDFs as you work, so you don't lose ideas that you want to explore later.

Categorize and analyze

Use powerful tools to categorize and classify data.

Use coding to bring different themes and topics, or entities like places and people together in a single category, so it's easier to search, compare and identify patterns in your data. If you're working with structured datasets, like surveys, take advantage of time-saving auto coding and auto classification functionality.

Keep entities like people and places separate as cases so you can build powerful queries based on attributes like demographic data.

Ask questions of your data

Look for emerging themes and discover words and concepts using text search and word frequency queries.

Search for content based on how it's been organized using coding queries. Find all content coded at selected nodes and combine multiple criteria to ask deeper questions. Test ideas, explore patterns and see connections between themes, topics, people and places in your project.

Then if you need to understand how groups differ in their opinions, experiences or behaviour, try a matrix coding query.

Visualize your research

Use visualizations to see your data through different lenses and uncover subtle themes, trends and patterns. Use coding stripes and highlighting to review your work. Visually represent words of interest in context, and discover new themes, phrases and lines of enquiry using word trees.

Word clouds help you to find key terms across different sources, themes or your whole project.

When you're ready to share your findings, export your visualizations and use them to support the story of your research in reports and presentations.


Handle surveys effective

You’ll be able to import and analyse data from spreadsheets, such as the open ended responses from an online survey. Simply import an Excel spreadsheet as a dataset, then get started with your analysis and make sense of survey responses.

When you’re working with hundreds, or even thousands of responses, organizing, or coding, your data can take hours, days and even months. By using the forthcoming auto coding by structure function in datasets, in just a few clicks, you could gather all the responses to a survey into categories for each question. Automatically organize datasets by structure and speed up survey analysis.

Capture ideas, reflections and mark content for follow up

As you explore and code your text sources make sure you don’t lose an idea thread that you might want to follow up on later. Annotations are great for making notes about a particular phrase that stands out to you, or marking content for future follow-up. Annotations is now easier to use, and situated closer to the content they refer to so you can read them in context.

NVivoMac annotations

Word clouds to understand and communicate themes in your data

If you need to quickly understand which words are commonly used in your data, try a Word Frequency query. A Word Frequency query is an exploratory feature that will list the most frequently occurring words in your data and can be used to identify themes and analyse common words used. You’ll be able to view your Word Frequency query results as beautiful word clouds.NvivoMac wordcloud

nvivo mac howtoupdate

Find this free update in NVivo under File>Help>check for updates




NVivo for Mac. True Mac software for qualitative research

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It’s the first software for qualitative data analysis that is a true Mac application built to OS X guidelines, providing a true Mac experience for CAQDAS users. You can work with content from documents, PDFs, audio and video, enabling you to evaluate, interpret and uncover social phenomena.

If you have a current NVivo 10 license you can now install and use NVivo for Mac at no extra cost. You can now also access NVivo for Mac via site licenses or purchase individual licenses and training

With NVivo for Mac you can:

  • Work with qualitative content in the form of documents, PDFs, and audio and video media
  • Create, edit, import and work with audio and video transcripts
  • Gather all your material about a theme, idea or topic through ‘coding’
  • Use colored highlighting and coding stripes to display coding visually
  • Create memos to capture your ideas
  • Assign demographic attributes and exchange them with tools such as IBM SPSS Statistics
  • Explore your data, test theories and make discoveries using text search queries and coding queries
  • Identify themes with word frequency queries
  • Organize your data using folders and sets
  • Work with data in virtually any language
  • Easily capture and work with web content (NCapture)
  • Deeper analysis with matrix coding queries
  • Mac Dictation

nvivo for mac multi 1

nvivo for mac multi 2

If you want to work with content like online news articles, literature or other web pages, it’s now easier with NVivo for Mac. Using NCapture – a web browser extension for Google Chrome – you can capture web pages and online PDFs and easily bring them into NVivo for Mac for analysis.

Matrix coding queries give you the power to explore patterns in your data, such as understanding differences in opinions, experiences and behavior.

If you’re using OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or above, you can use Mac Dictation to input text by speaking instead of typing, a useful tool for tasks like transcribing videos. You can also use text-to-speech options, so your Mac will be able to read the text in your material out loud

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NVivo for Mac - More features coming at no extra charge

QSR International will continue to add new functionality based on your feedback. They plan to further support your work by adding datasets, annotations, matrix coding queries, NCapture, and more. These features will become available via regular free software updates in the coming months.

Working with NVivo 10 for Windows?
If you have a current NVivo 10 license, you can download and use NVivo for Mac at no extra cost for the remaining term of your license. Simply download the software and enter your license key.

NVivo projects can be transferred between NVivo 10 for Windows and NVivo for Mac. NVivo for Windows and NVivo for Mac projects have different project file formats, but you can convert one to the other using the free update NVivo 10 for Windows Service Pack 5.

Accessing NVivo via a site license?
If you’re accessing NVivo through a site license, your site is entitled to provide access to both NVivo 10 for Windows and NVivo for Mac. Contact your site license administrator to find out more about how to access the software.

Looking for NVivo for Mac training?
You can now register for our Getting Started with NVivo for Mac online training. This course combines flexible self-paced study with virtual interaction with an experienced facilitator and class peers. By the end of the course, you will have your project design in NVivo underway and be ready to move forward with your research.

Yet to try NVivo for Mac?
Download a free 30-day trial to try out the software.

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System requirements

System requirements

  • Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processorr

  • 2 GB of RAM (as defined by the Mac OS X Mavericks minimum requirements)

  • 1280 x 1024 screen resolution, recommended 1440 x 900 screen resolution or higher

  • Approximately 2 GB of available hard-disk space,  recommended approximately 4 GB SSD of available hard-disk space. (additional hard-disk space may be required for NVivo project data),

  • Internet connection


License options

Educational License

If you're a student, teacher or an academic who is learning, instructing or undertaking research at an educational institution such as a university or college (excluding teaching hospitals) then you may be eligible for education pricing. You must be using QSR software for teaching or educational purposes only.

Standard License

If you belong to a non-educational institution standard pricing applies.


Prices for schools and universities

Prices for government

Prices for corporations and individuals

Prices for students

If you order several licenses, of the same kind, on the same order you get an discount. Applies to normal prices.

3-4 licenses 10% discount
5-14  licenses 20% discount
15+ licenses 25% discount



We offer technical support for all our NVivo customers.

As a first step you should visit our support page for NVivo. Here you can find solutions for common issues as well as find many other useful resources.

If you cannot find the answer, please contact us using our support form.
Please state your support case as detailed as possible when you contact our support. Always remember to inform what product version you are using and what operating system (both platform and version).



If you order several licenses, of the same kind, on the same order you get volume discount. Applies to normal pricing.

3-4 licenses 10% discount
5-14  licenses 20% discount
15+ licenses 25% discount

Prices for schools and universities

Prices for government

Prices for corporations and individuals

Prices for students


NVivo for Mac is continuing to evolve at a steady pace and the next update brings some seriously useful visualizations as well as support for more languages:

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