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Extended NVivo Online Training (blended learning)

This course is perfect for everyone who wants to learn how to use NVivo, how to build a new project and explore and visualize their data. It combines group sessions and individual follow-up sessions for a sound learning experience.
Participate in our online course for NVivo, from your own office. All you need is a computer with internet access and audio to participate! This course is conducted in English with the latest version of NVivo for Windows, but also fits users of NVivo 12. If needed, you can get access to a 30-day NVivo training license (see below).

What we offer:

  • Access to training material
  • 4x 1.5h group sessions (with recording)
  • 1h Q&A group session (with recording)
  • access to NVivo training license*
  • individual 30 min sessions in the week after
  • Total number of hours: 7,5

Schedule day 1
09:00-10:30 – 10:45-12:15

Content day 1:

  • NVivo user interface
  • Basic settings
  • Save and back-up management
  • How to create a new project
  • Creating folders and importing files (Word Docs and PDF)
  • How to work with memos and annotations
  • Coding techniques and coding structure
  • How to export a codebook
  • Explore your data: text search and word frequency
  • Introduction to cases and classifications
  • Afternoon: practice with your own data

Schedule day 2
09:00-10:30 – 10:45-12:15
And 14:00-15:00

Content day 2:

  • Explore your data: Charts and diagrams
  • Integrating your data with hyperlinks and “see also” links
  • How to import a classification sheet
  • Automated coding techniques: Auto-coding by structure and speaker name
  • Explore your data: Crosstab, Coding and Matrix query
  • Sets and Search folders
  • Three maps – mind map, project map and concept map
  • Other data types: Surveys, Audio, images etc. (depending on group)
  • Afternoon: practice with your own data
  • Afternoon Q&A session

Requirements: The participants will need a computer with access to the internet as well as an audio device and microphone to attend (only required for the individual sessions). We use GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting for the sessions (system requirements). To practice on their own, they need to download and install NVivo on their computers, using either an individual license, their institute´s license, or the free 30-day training license.

*Please contact Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den. right after you register for this course, if you want to have access to the training license (no later than 7 days before the training starts).

The participants will receive a survey shortly before the webinar with questions around their experience with QDA Software, their current project and the type of data they are working with.

Price: 475€ / 5150SEK / 5260NOK + tax

Arrangement oversigt

Start dato 16. Mar 2021, 9:00
Slut dato 17. Mar 2021, 15:00
Tilgængelige pladser 7
Sidste frist 08. Mar 2021, 12:00
Pris 475€ + tax
Speaker Dr Marret Bischewski
Number Hours 7.5
Det foregår Online