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Quantitative Data analysis using IBM SPSS Statistics

Within two days you will learn how to prepare your data for data analysis in IBM SPSS Statistics and how to perform basic and some more advanced statistical analysis like correlations, comparison of two means and different kinds of analyses of variance and regression analyses. During this course, we will also discuss some fundamental statistical and methodological issues like the relation between p value, effect size and sample size, and how to handle missing values.


  • How to enter and edit data in IBM SPSS Statistics
  • How to compute and interpret basic statistic like the mean, median, standard deviation, confidence intervals
  • How to perform most common statistical data analysis
  • Statistical associations (correlations, cross tables, regression analysis/es)
  • Compare two or more means / groups (t-tests, analyses of variance)
  • How to interpret and report your results as well as how to read


  • You don't need data, but in case you have a working example you want to analyse, you are always welcome to share it with the group.

Arrangement oversigt

Start dato 11. maj 2020, 9:30
Slut dato 12. maj 2020, 16:00
Tilgængelige pladser 10
Sidste frist 29. Apr 2020, 12:00
Pris 6950 NOK/695 Euro + tax
Speaker Sebastian Ullrich, punkt05 Statistikberatung
Det foregår Lillestrøm, Alfasoft AS