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Perkin Elmer NEW VERSION

CHEMDRAW® AND CHEMOFFICE®+ Cloud version 20.0
We are pleased to announce the release of Perkin Elmers software ChemDraw® and ChemOffice®+ Cloud (formerly ChemOffice® Professional) version 20.0. This Research Suite is designed to help researchers bring their chemistry to life and quickly turn it into actionable chemical knowledge. 

Version 20.0 comes with several chemistry improving capabilities as well as a brand-new Cloud Application: ChemOffice®+, designed to accelerate the Chemistry communication process.


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Stat-Ease New version

Version 13 of Design-Expert® contains a slew of new features. Poisson regression is a new addition to our analysis techniques that allows for a more accurate analysis of count data. Python integration expands the tools for data analysis to include the vast Python ecosystem. In addition, we have added new general plotting tools, space-filling designs, and more. 

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