[17.Nov.2020] Santa’s workload in numbers

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2020 has been a challenging and a rather surreal year but there is one person who has not stopped working hard and making sure that every child in the world receives their well-deserved Christmas present. For many, many years Santa Claus is running the largest manufacturing and logistics conglomerate but let us try to put a perspective on his workload with some numbers.

According to some online resources Santa Claus needs to travel 510,000,000 kilometres around the world to deliver presents to 390,000 homes every minute as there are just over 526,000,000 kids under the age of 14. Let us assume that the average gift is placed in a 15x15x15 cm box which brings the size of a Santa’s gift sack to a whopping 1775250 m³ or 1775250000 l.

How about some perspective here?

picture 2


Evidently, it is a tough job to reach all the kids, and even when Santa does reach them, he still needs to squeeze through the chimney. PTC took care of the math that explains how Santa delivers the gifts, so check this link or do the math yourself by downloading Mathcad and getting a 30-day full functionality Mathcad Prime 6 for free: Click on the Download link in the upper right corner on this page.