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Alfasoft Online Demo Day

Welcome to our Online Demo Day!

We have filled the day with live demonstrations and crash courses on our most popular software solutions. Learn something new and get your questions answered by our software experts.

All of the webinars are free. Register below. We will send all who register a recording of the webinars 1-2 weeks after the webinars have ended.

Please note that the hours given are in CEST. (CEST time now)
14 CEST (Sweden/Germany) = 1 PM BST (UK/Ireland) = 15 EEST (Finland/Moscow)

Alfasoft Online Demo Day (Day 1/English)

10-11: Delphi: Modern Windows and Cross-Platform development with Delphi (Development tools)
If you are developing for Desktop or Server (Windows, Linux, macOS) or Mobiles and Tablets (iOS and Android) then this webinar will show how modern Delphi brings best practices from Object Orientated Programming to deliver industry-leading cross-platform true native RAD development.

11-12: ChemDraw/ChemOffice+ Cloud 20: Improve your chemistry communication (Chemistry, Scientific writing and Lab. systems)
Learn how to solve the very time-consuming business problem of chemistry communication and how to expedite the creation of chemistry reports.

12-13: CorelDRAW Technical Suite: Create professional technical illustrations (Design/CAD)
Learn how to change existing illustrations, reuse existing CAD data, do first sketches of ideas, work instructions or end-user documentation.

13-14: Mathcad Prime: Introduction to Mathcad (12-1 PM UK/BST) (Engineering and Mathematics)
Learn how to optimise and streamline your calculations process with this industry’s leading software solution. See how to write equations, generate the result and document the project flow in a single document.

14-15: SIMULIAworks: A showcase of simulation functionality (Simulation and Engineering)
Introducing SIMULIAworks and how you can harness the Abaqus solvers to provide a high-level overview of virtual testing solutions to industry applications.

15-16: Design-Expert: Design of Experiments (DOE) made easy and more powerful (Design of experiments/DOE)
Learn how Design-Expert empowers experimenters to quickly converge on the combination of variables where all required process parameters and product attributes are achieved, that is, the "sweet" spot.  


Alfasoft Online Demo Day (Day 2/English)

09-10: EndNote: How to get started with the new EndNote 20 (Reference management)
Get up and running and learn how to create your library, import references, and insert a formatted bibliography of your choosing in your articles.

10-11: Nvivo: Intuitive Qualitative Data Analysis Software (Qualitative data analysis)
Learn how to set up a project in NVivo and start your data analysis – alone, or in a team. We will show you how to import and analyse literature in NVivo.

11-12: Call for papers: Get accepted at the conference (Scientific writing)
Conferences are a good opportunity to present your own research results. In this seminar we will show you how to successfully master the individual application phases: abstract, poster, lecture, and contribution in the conference proceedings.

12-13: Statistical Thinking: Understand statistical results correctly (Statistics)
Unfortunately, there is still the misconception that a statistically significant result is also an important result. In this presentation we will use two research papers to explain how you can actually evaluate the significance of research results.

13-14: R: Data Visualization with R (Statistics)
In this presentation, we will show you how to visualize your data graphically in an (more) appealing way using R. The focus here is on the distribution of the data that we want to make visible and interpretable with histograms, box plots and violin plots.

14-15: MathType: Improve your online learning experience with Wiris Quizzes and MathType (Mathematics and Scientific writing)
MathType is a useful tool for entering and editing mathematical expressions and formulas. In this webinar you will learn how to create, edit and save equations for use in your documents and presentations.

15-16: FineReader PDF: How to make the unsearchable searchable (Document management)
Work efficiently with PDFs in the digital workplace and learn how to perform various document-related tasks within one single application.


Please click here for more information about our German Alfasoft Online Demo Day on October 22!

10-11: EndNote: How to get started with EndNote with tips and tricks (Research and Scientific writing)