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Embarcadero InterBase 2017 is a full-featured, high performance, encryptable, multiplatform and scalable relational database for developers who are looking to embed a low-cost, zero admin, lightweight secure database into their cross-platform connected applications. With InterBase 2017 you get powerful access control, data change management, disaster recovery and journaling, as well as support for popular database drivers for increased deployment flexibility.




New Features

What's New in InterBase 2017

Tracking and managing data changes to multiple destinations has never been easier; just subscribe and query with SQL! InterBase's lightweight, secure and powerful embeddable kernel providing developers easy to integrate features including user security, synchronisation and disaster recovery into their applications today making data as easy as Embed, Deploy, Relax!

-Change Views
-Linux 64bit & RHEL 7 and Ubuntu Support
-64 Bit transaction ID's
-Fast Backup Format
-Incremental Data Dumps
-InterBase for Linux 32-bit
-IBLite for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X
-InterBase ToGo for Android and iOSInterBase ToGo for Android and iOS
-Tight integration with RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder for seamless deployment
-New 64 bit ODBC driver allows easy deployment on 64 bit platforms

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Additional information about Interbase

Data Sheet (PDF)

Interbase FAQ

Features Matrix (PDF)

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License options

Interbase is offered in many different editions to cover all needs


Server Edition
InterBase Server Edition is a cost effective, zero administration, and lightweight but powerful embeddable database for your business critical applications. As your organization grows, InterBase Server scales with you. InterBase Server allows hundreds of simultaneous users to connect to a single database. You can start with 8 CPUs/cores and a single user but can add up to 32 cores and unlimited users. In addition to providing local RDBMS capabilities, the server edition also allows remote connections for increased flexibility. InterBase server provides AES data encryption and SSL communication for more security and access control. Perfect for Enterprises, ISVs, OEMs and VARs who need to embed a database into their applications.

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris

ToGo Edition
InterBase ToGo Edition is a full-featured embeddable database that runs in a stand-alone environment but allows deployment of applications which directly utilize the InterBase engine DLLs. With no separate database server process running, the database engine executes in the application process space providing an extremely small footprint. Together with other key features such as high security, zero administration and simple installation, InterBase XE3 ToGo is an incredible solution for VARs, OEMs and ISVs.

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac OS X

Desktop Edition
InterBase Desktop Edition provides you with a great embeddable solution for stand-alone single user applications. Desktop Edition offers SQL RDBMS capabilities for local connection from multiple applications and scales to 4 CPUs/Cores while providing you with all the InterBase features including small operational footprint, AES data encryption for more security, high availability and performance, and zero administration. Perfect for small to mid size ISVs, OEMs and VARs who need to embed a database into their applications.

Supported platforms: Windows

IBLite Edition
Do you want a zero-admin, ACID compliant, lightweight and fast database that is run-time-royalty free? Would you like the flexibility to super charge the database even after deployment with powerful extras, such as encryption and additional diskspace? Ideal for free applications, and those applications that want to offer encryption as an extra, IBLite is a binary compatible version of InterBase ToGo that can easily be upgraded by simply changing the license file! IBLite is available with Delphi and C++Builder XE7 (Professional with Mobile and above), RAD Studio XE7 (all editions) and Appmethod.


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