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MindManager makes it possible for companies and individuals to work smarter, be more creative and save time by using a revolutionary visual method to manage information. With MindManager you get:

  • Visual working environment
    Use MindManager's unique, visual interface to gather and organize information, and get the overview needed to see relations and achieve understanding.
  • Content and context
    Add links, attachments, notes, images, tasks and spreadsheets to your mindmaps. Put it all in context by adding icons, tags and visual markers.
  • Projects and tasks
    Add tasks and milestones to your mindmaps. Prioritize and add resources and due dates, and view your project and tasks in a Gantt diagram. Synchronise and share your projects with your colleagues.

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New features in MM2020

MindManager 2020 for Windows


mm2020 co editing

Now you can experience the power of live collaboration with MindManager. Invite colleagues across departments, offices and time zones to work together in maps in real time and watch plans crystallize, opportunities appear, and ideas take flight right before your eyes.

MindManager Snap

mm2020 snap

With MindManager Snap, you’ll be ready to grab them! Capture map-worthy content in seconds when you’re away from MindManager, then drop it into your maps the next time you open it up — so no on-the-go brainstorm or 2 a.m. ‘aha!’ ever slips through the cracks.

MindManager Go

mm2020 go

The fully-redesigned MindManager Go mobile viewer app lets you review, show, discuss and even capture content for your maps anywhere and anytime you want to.

Excel Data Mapper & Exel Export

mm2020 excel

Now you can easily harness the incredible data-crunching power of Excel, and leave its complexity behind. The new Data Mapper tool lets you quickly and precisely categorize, comprehend and analyze Excel data imported into MindManager maps. Also the new Export tool makes it easy to customize spreadsheet structure, organization, style and more when exporting MindManager map content to Excel.

Project Cost Tracking

The new Project Costing tool lets you quickly add individual costs into your project maps, easily update them, and sum totals with a simple click, for instant visibility into one of your project’s most critical elements.

Enhanced Gantt features

mm2020 gantt

MindManager 2020 has extended Gantt Pro functionality into the standard Gantt chart tool to make it more powerful and flexible than ever for single users.

Enhanced Flowcharting Tools

mm2020 flowchart enhanced

The new flowcharting enhancements enable you to quickly build visual process flows that bring shape and clarity to even highly-complex process, are easy for others to understand and follow, and are easily adapted as needs change.

Enhanced Mapping & Visualization Tools

MindManager 2020 comes with a slew of mapping enhancements into MindManager 2020 that are all designed to make it more intuitive, efficient, effective, and a lot more fun!

  • Streamline the placement & presentation of images with new Image Thumbnails
  • Quickly categorize and add meaning to content with new Quick Add Icon & Tag Groups
  • Organize and update topics fast & intuitively with enhanced Drag & Drop
  • Define relationships clearly & precisely with enhanced Relationship Line Control
  • Automate and accelerate workflows even more with expanded SmartRules
  • Enjoy easier access to maps stored in the cloud with enhanced Places integrations
  • And more...

Read more about the new features in MindManager 2020 here:


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MindManager 2019 for Windows

MindManager 2019 may be the most significant release in its long history of releases. From flexible visual views to powerful Smart Rules for formatting, MindManager has evolved into a powerful business intelligence and analysis tool. MindManager 2019 is your all-around visual thinking power tool!

New Theme Designs

mindmanager 2019 themes

Choose from over 40 stunning new visual themes with just a few mouse-clicks.

New View: Tag View

mindmanager 2019 tag view

See and update the status of tasks and action items in a progressive, Kanban-style columnar view.

New Viw: Icon View

 mindmanager 2019 icon view

View your map content organized by any applied icon, including Priority, Progress and 500+ others.

New Easy Theme Editor

mindmanager 2019 easy theme editor

With just a few simple clicks, you can fine-tune any map’s look to say exactly what you want it to.

New Objects & Smart Shapes

mindmanager 2019 objects and smart forms

Enrich, clarify and expand map content with 12 new shapes including stars, arrows, brackets, funnels and many others.

Match Width

mindmanager 2019 match width

Standardize topic width to create more readable & engaging presentations

HTML5 Export & Publish Filtering

mindmanager 2019 html5 web publishing export

Exported and published maps can be filtered on icons, tags, resources and saved Power Filter queries.

New SmartRules

mindmanager 2019 smartrules

Write rules that change topic icons, tags, properties, progress & priority markers, based on specific triggers.

New import formats

mindmanager 2019 import xmind freemind

Now you can enrich content created in XMind and FreeMind applications with a whole new degree of depth, meaning and value, using MindManager’s best-in-class mapping and diagramming tools.

In addition you will also find these new features:

  • Over 500 new and enhanced icons
  • Enhanced menu design

Click here to learn more about the new features in 2019 for Windows

New features in v13 for Mac

MindManager 13 for Mac

MindManager for Mac 13 connects everything that matters to your work, so you can think more clearly, make better decisions, and get to where you want to be.

What’s new in MindManager for Mac 13?

  • Powerful project management tools: Take total control over your project workflow with Gantt charts, project costing, and more
  • Tag View: Keep your projects on track, identify bottlenecks, and see the status of tasks
  • MindManager Snap: Capture map-worthy images, links, and text notes any time, from anywhere, even when you’re away from your computer
  • MindManager Go: Take your maps places your Mac can’t go with the MindManager map viewing app for mobile
  • And much more!

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MindManager 12 for Mac

Click here for video demonstrating the new features in MindManager 12 for Mac!

With a powerhouse collection of new features and functions, MindManager 12 for Mac puts next-level mind mapping and data visualization at your fingertips. See your mission-critical information the way you need to, work with it the way you want to, understand it better and get more done with it - faster than ever before.

Transform maps from simply representing workflows, to driving and accelerating them. Write rules that change topic icons, tags, properties, progress and priority markers. Apply SmartRules to individual objects or topics, select branches, or full diagrams.

mindmanager 2019 smartrules

Objects and SmartShapes™
12 new SmartShapes added! Bring greater clarity to complex information. Enrich, clarify and expand map content with 12 new shapes including stars, arrows, brackets, funnels and many others

mm12 darkmode Shapes and SmartShapes

Match width
Keep your audience focused on your map’s content, not its structure.

mm12 Match Width

New Theme designs
Instantly convey subtle yet significant messages about your brand, style, and content.

mm12 new themes

HTML5 export and filtrering
Make shared maps easier for people to navigate, understand and respond to.

mindmanager 2019 html5 web publishing export

Dark Mode
Map in the mode that works best for you.

mm12 dark mode

Support for Touch Bar
Put greater control within your reach

mm12 touch bar for mac animation


And many more new features and improvements...

Click here to learn more about the new features in MindManager 12 for Mac


System Requirements

MindManager web site

MindManager Large Scale Deployment Guide

MindManager 2020 for Windows and  MindManager 12 for Mac includes different features. Please click here for comparison chart!



  • MindManager 2020 for Windows and MindManager 12 for Mac
  • MindManager 2020 Enterprise (with support for Microsoft SharePoint)
  • MindManager Go app for iOS and Android


  • Single user
  • Volume (Enterprise)
  • Site license for schools, colleges and universities

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MindManager 2020 for Windows and  MindManager 12 for Mac includes different features. Please click here for comparison chart!


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a slew of mapping enhancements into MindManager 2020 that are all designed to make it more intuitive, efficient, effective, and a lot more fun!