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ChemDraw's software series is powerful and comprehensive. It is designed to simplify, promote and accelerate chemical exchanges and transform chemical drawings into divisible chemical knowledge.

Signals Notebook, which is an electric lab notebook, has a modern user interface like the one found on all your personal apps, the need for training is negligible. You're up and running in no time. This is one of the reasons why Signals Notebook is the electronic lab notebook that companies choose whether it is just a team of 4-5 researchers or the largest biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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"Make the most of every experiment"

A better product. An improved process. Stat-Ease, armed with expertise in experimental design, has been helping people since 1985. Find out how Design-Expert and Stat-Ease's new software, Stat-Ease 360, can help you improve your results.

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Thermo Scientific's software package, GRAMS, has been the premier solution for visualizing, processing and managing spectroscopy data. The broad compatibility with many different instruments means that researchers in academia, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum, consumer products and the food industry use GRAMS to solve some of their most difficult data analysis problems.

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