11-12: Embarcadero - C++Builder and Whole Tomato Visual Assist: Great C++ Tools

Learn about Embarcadero C++Builder's developer environment and libraries: powerful and very fast tools for building native apps. Create Windows apps with native, real UI chrome and experience, iOS apps also with native controls but with a cross-platform designer, and more. Want serverside? We do that. Dozens of databases with a fast and elegant data connection library? We've got that.

Learn about Whole Tomato's Visual Assist: powerful C++ code tooling for refactoring, insight, error correcting, and more. Built around a flexible parser and with extraordinarily powerful features and capable of handling huge projects, Visual Assist is relied on by a vast number of C++ developers worldwide.

Language: English
Presenter: David Millington, C++Builder Product Manager at Embarcadero