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Web Server Development with Delphi

Course overview

Web Server Development with Delphi is a new 2-day course with Bob Swart.

Day one starts with the coverage of WebBroker, the foundation for SOAP and REST server development, and then moves on to Delphi Web Development using IntraWeb to produce browser based applications. The second day is about Advanced IntraWeb development adding database connectivity and the coverage of third-party controls and connections to DataSnap Servers.


Delphi Web Development Day 1
- 9:00-12:00 WebBroker
Learn the low-level web API in Delphi, which is the cornerstone for all web, SOAP and REST server development. The TWebBroker with Request and Response classes. In this session, we'll see how the WebBroker works, how we can define and implement actions, receive requests and send response output in HTML, XML, JSON or any custom format.
Example projects include web server application, but also SOAP and REST servers. Deployment on Windows as well as Linux is also demonstrated.

- 13:00-17:00 IntraWeb
IntraWeb is a WYSIWYG web application framework and component set for Delphi, which is also included with Delphi (as a third-party product).
Full capabilities can be purchased with the IntraWeb Ultimate edition, but any Delphi user can use IntraWeb for web application development right out of the box.
In this session, we'll use IntraWeb to create responsive (AJAX) web applications with many visual controls. Page navigation, user session and state maintenance, login and authorization as well as deployment (on IIS as well as stand-alone) and debugging techniques will be covered.

Delphi Web Development Day 2
- 9:00-12:00 IntraWeb Advanced
In this advanced IntraWeb session, we'll add database connectivity to the IntraWeb web applications, showing how we can present but also modify and update database data in IntraWeb web application. The use of data modules as well as database connection pooling is covered in detail.

- 13:00-15:00 IntraWeb Final
In this last session I will cover some advanced IntraWeb topics like the availability of third-party controls (TMS) and the connectivity to DataSnap and RAD Server microservices as data source.

Course style
This course is hands-on with practical exercises throughout. We provide you with individual preconfigured PC’s so that you can use during workshops. Class sizes are kept small so that you will receive personal attention. You will take away extensive printed course material, which will be of on going use in your work.

The training is targeted for developers interested learning more about Web development using Delphi. This training target all Delphi users including Delphi Professional (IntraWeb is included in all Delphi editions).

Delegates are recommended to have minimum of 6 months of Delphi development experience.

The course is created and held by Bob Swart (Dr Bob). Bob has a long experience of Delphi and values practical solutions during the training. Read more about Bob Swart and his experience at http://www.drbob42.com. The training is held in English and the training material is in English.

2 days (where the second day is a bit shorter)

11.950 SEK/NOK + VAT. The price includes coffee breaks and lunches. Training material written by Bob Swarts (in English)  is also included in the price.

Date and place
The training will be held in Gothenburg on the 13th-14th of November, 2017.


Startar 13. nov 2017, 9:00
Slutar 14. nov 2017, 15:00
Tillgänglig plats 11
Pris 11950 SEK / 11450 NOK
Speaker Bob Swart
Plats Gothenburg, Alfasoft AB