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DataGrip är ett databas IDE som är anpassat för att passa specifika behov hos professionella SQL utvecklare.




DataGrip is a multi-engine database environment. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQLite, HyperSQL, Apache Derby and H2. It includes an editor that provides intelligent coding assistance for editing SQL code such as auto-completion, analysis and navigation. It also features a query console for running and profiling queries.

About DataGrip

DataGrip Features

  • Intelligent query console - Allows you to execute queries in different modes and provides local history that keeps track of all your activity and protects you from losing your work.
  • Efficient schema navigation - Lets you jump to any table, view, or procedure by its name via corresponding action, or directly from its usages in the SQL code.
  • Explain plan - Gives you an extended insight into how your queries work and into database engine behavior so you can make your queries more efficient.
  • Smart code completion - DataGrip provides context-sensitive code completion, helping you to write SQL code faster. Completion is aware of the tables structure, foreign keys, and even database objects created in code you're editing.
  • On-the-fly analysis and quick-fixes - DataGrip detects probable bugs in your code and suggests the best options to fix them on the fly. It will immediately let you know about unresolved objects, using keywords as identifiers and always offers the way to fix problems.
  • Refactorings that work in SQL files and schemas - DataGrip correctly resolves all references in your SQL code and helps you refactor them. When you rename a variable or an alias, it will update their usages throughout the entire file. Even the actual table names in the database are updated when you rename references to them from your queries.
  • Version control integration - Unified support for all major version control systems: Git, SVN, Mercurial and many others.


Download demo of DataGrip

Download a trial of DataGrip and evaluate the product for 30 days.  A trial license can be downloaded at


System requirements DataGrip

Operating System for Deployment
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Mac OS X

Architecture of Product

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Getting Started with DataGrip

DataGrip introduction


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What´s new in DataGrip Release 2018.3

Database objects

  • Cassandra database -Write queries, observe data, and generate scripts.

  • Generate SQL files for the selected objects -Now, if you use the SQL Generator to get the DDL from objects, you can also generate the SQL files for these objects.

  • PostgreSQL extensions -DataGrip now supports extensions in PostgreSQL.

  • Data source quick doc -The quick doc for the data source now displays statistics including the number of different objects.

Code completion

  • Automatic aliases -A new setting is available to automatically add aliases when completing table names. If the pre-generated aliases don’t suit your needs, feel free to create your own custom ones for particular tables.

  • Not aggregated fields in GROUP BY- When you use the GROUP BY statement, DataGrip offers you a list of non-aggregated fields.

  • All columns list in SELECT -A list of all columns is available in completion after a SELECT keyword. Also works for MERGE and INSERT INTO table variable.

  • Postfix completion -Introduces Postfix completion which may be familiar if you’ve used other IntelliJ-based IDEs.

  • Named parameters- Completion now works well for named parameters of stored procedures.

  • Context for ambiguous names -In the case of ambiguous names, DataGrip now shows you the context.

  • Invert order of operands in JOIN -Added a new setting called "Invert order of operands in auto-generated ON clause". If it’s set to off, the FROM table will be the first in JOIN conditions. If it’s on, vice versa.


  • Introduce alias -Introduce alias, one of the most important SQL refactorings, is finally here.

  • Extract subquery

    • The name suggested for CTE doesn’t lead to conflicts: DBE-6496
    • Context is properly defined if a statement is wrapped in another expression: DBE-6503, DBE-6517
    • DataGrip won’t suggest extracting CTE when the column aliases in an as-expression for dialects that don’t support it: DBE-6490
    • This refactoring is enabled for MySQL: CTEs are supported since MySQL 8
    • This refactoring works OK with deep subqueries. DBE-7332, DBE-7333

Code insight

  • Unsafe statements- DataGrip will now warn you if you use the DELETE or UPDATE statement without WHERE clause.

  • Unreachable code -Another small improvement is a new inspection called Unreachable code.

  • Unused subquery -Added a new inspection, Unused subquery item. It will help make your code neater.

Code generation

  • Dialects for Live Templates -Now you can choose dialects for Live Templates. Once a dialect is selected for a live template, it will only work in the specified dialect.

  • CREATE TABLE definition for SELECT- It is now possible to add a CREATE TABLE definition from the SELECT query. Just write an INSERT statement before it, and then press Alt+Enter > Create table definition.

  • Column names hint =Column names hint appears automatically when using INS live template.


  • Single connection mode -Previously, each new query console meant a new connection. In the new version, it’s possible to work with just one connection for the data source and have all consoles use that same one connection.

  • Auto-reconnect -Also, the long-awaited auto-reconnect feature has been added, so disconnections after timeouts are no more.

Search and navigation

  • New Search Everywhere -A new way to navigate the project and the IDE. It incorporates all of the other navigation dialogs: Search Everywhere, Find Action, Go to table/view/procedure/, Go to file, and Go to symbol.

  • Multiline code search -Now it’s possible to perform search/replace for a multiline fragment in Find in Path / Replace Path dialogs. It’s easier now to find a query in your scripts or source codes.

  • Multiline TODO comments -The IDE now supports multiline TODO comments. Now the first and all subsequent TODO comment lines are highlighted in the editor and listed in the TODO Tool Window. Add an indent starting from the second line of your multiline TODO comment, and the IDE will differentiate it from an ordinary comment.

User interface

  • High-contrast color scheme -To turn it on, press Ctrl+`go to Look and Feel, and then choose High Contrast.

  • Color settings- Added the ability to define colors for data sources to the Properties dialog.

  • Better UI for page size setting- Reworked the UI for the page size a little. Now there’s a simple way to see all the rows from a table or a result.



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