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GoLand är ett kommerciellt IDE för att skapa en ergonomisk miljö för utveckling av språket Go.






GoLand is an IDE for Go development. It includes coding assistance and tool integrations specific for the Go language. GoLand provides clever completion, on-the-fly inspections and quick-fixes, navigation and automated refactorings - all packed together inside an ergonomic environment.

  • Coding assistance
    • Smart completion - The IDE helps you write new code by auto-completing statements for you. Ctrl+Shift+Space gives you a list of the most relevant symbols applicable in the current context. When you choose a suggestion, it adds corresponding package import statements on the fly.
    • Inspections and quick-fixes - The IDE provides built-in inspections that check your code on the fly as you type it. When they find problematic code, they provide you with quick-fixes which you can apply simply by pressing Alt+Enter.
    • Refactorings - Includes Rename and Extract, allowing you quickly and safely change your code.
    • Quick navigation - It only takes one click to switch to a super method, implementation, usages, declaration, and more. Jump to any class, file or symbol, or even any IDE action or tool window in one click.
    • Quick popups - When you need more information about a symbol at the caret, use quick popups.
    • Code generation - In some cases the IDE can generate trivial code for you. For example, if you click Ctrl+O, the IDE will help you implement any interface by generating its methods.
    • Detecting recursive calls - If you have a recursive call inside your function, the IDE will detect it and mark it on the gutter, making your code even easier to read and understand.
    • Expression type - The Expression Type action is available via Alt+ and is always at hand when you need to know the type of any expression at the caret.
    • Exit points highlighting - Every function may have more than one return and panic statements. To quickly find them all, press Ctrl+Shift+F7 when the caret is at a func, return, or panic keyword. This helps you understand more quickly how a function works.
    • Finding usages - The Find Usages feature finds all places in the code where a symbol is used, and also groups the usages by type.
    • Formatter - The built-in formatter provides the same functionality as go fmt.
  • Code editor
    • Semantic highlighting - This option extends the standard syntax highlighting with unique colors for each parameter and local variable.
    • Parameter hints - The editor shows parameter hints for literals and nils used as method arguments.
  • Built-in tools and integration
    • Debugger - The IDE comes with a full-featured debugger that supports common debugger features: Watches, Evaluate Expression, Show Inline Values, and others. The debugger works for applications as well as for tests.
    • Coverage - If you run your code with a coverage instruction, the IDE collects the data and displays it in both the aggregated view and per statement in the Editor.
    • Test runner - The IDE provides a dedicated interface for running and debugging tests, benchmarks and checks.
    • Go tools - The Code > Go Tools menu allows you to run Go tools on your project without switching to the command line.
    • Plan9 - The Editor provides syntax highlighting for Plan9 files.
    • Version control - Built-in Git integration lets you browse the history of changes, manage branches, merge conflicts and much more. For other version control system, similar functionality is available via corresponding plugins: Mercurial, SVN, and others.
    • Terminal - The IDE comes with a built-in terminal. Depending on your platform, you can work with command line prompt, Far, powershell, or bash. Invoke the terminal with Alt+F12 and execute any command–without leaving the IDE.
    • Docker - The IDE offers a plugin that lets you connect to locally running Docker machines to manage images, containers and Docker Compose services.
  • Front-end and back-end development
    • JavaScript, HTML and CSS - The IDE offers coding assistance for JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, React and many others. Support for Angular and Node.js is available via plugins.
    • Database tools - Take advantage of intelligent coding assistance when editing SQL. Connect to live databases, run queries, browse and expert data and even manage your schemes in a visual interface - right from the IDE.
    • Plugin ecosystem - GoLand includes 50+ IDE plugins including support for additional VCS, integration with different tools and frameworks, and editor enhancements such as Vim emulation.

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Download demo

Download a trial of GoLand and evaluate the product for 30 days.  A trial license can be downloaded at https://www.jetbrains.com/products.html.



Operating System for Deployment
  • Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/2003/XP (incl.64-bit)
  • macOS 10.8 or higher
  • GNOME or KDE desktop


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GoLand Licensing Terms

JetBrains uses a subscription-based licensing model, allowing you to purchase yearly subscriptions that includes all bug fix updates. The new licensing model also includes perpetual fallback license grants. When purchasing an annual subscription, you will immediately get a perpetual fallback license for the exact version available at the time of your purchase.

Commercial Annual Subscription - for legal entities, including companies and organizations (both for-profit and non-profit), requiring the software for general commercial use. A legal entity may use the software under the Business Subscription on any computer, operating system, and by any developer within a legal entity, provided that the total number of concurrent users never exceeds the number of subscriptions purchased by that legal entity.

Commercial Annual Subscription includes:

  • Free unlimited email access to technical support and online support resources for the period of the Business Subscription
  • Free generally available bug fix upgrades, minor releases and major releases for the licensed JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA edition for the period of the Business Subscription
  • Available to any legal entity (companies and organizations, including non-profit and government)
  • The license is owned by the legal entity, not by an individual
  • Non-transferable restriction: Use of the software is restricted to the legal entity with no right to transfer. Companies and organizations can only transfer their licenses between employees and contractors
  • The licensed purpose of use is general commercial usage
  • Multi-user license - the total number of concurrent software users cannot exceed the number of purchased subscriptions
  • The license term is time-limited, based on yearly subscription payments
  • Perpetual fallback license: Your license is NOT perpetual. The new licensing model includes perpetual fallback license grants. Perpetual fallback license is a license that allows you to use a specific version of the software after your Business Subscription expires. The specific version of the software that you can fallback to use when your Business Subscription expires will be the exact version available at the time of your purchase

Comparison Commercial and Personal License


GoLand Support

In the subscription following Support and Maintenance with JetBrains is included

  • Unlimited access to technical support via e-mail
  • Free upgrades to all minor and major releases including bug fixes

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Please explain your problem in detail when contacting us. Please remember to enter your version number, and which operating system you are running.


GoLand 2017.3.2

Adds Output directory field to Go Test run configurations.


  • Added Output directory field to Go Test run configurations.
  • Added new Template actions: break and continue.
  • Improves uncommenting for SQL nested comments.
  • Added support for a method separator in plsql packages.


Go Build

  • Cannot start gcloud 182 with appengine 1.9.63.
  • Add warning while cross-compiling with Run after build enabled.
  • While cross-compiling add GOOS content to binary name.

Go Formatter

  • Formatting in switch statement is wrong.

Go Refactorings

  • Cannot perform refactoring in switch context.

Go Template

  • Tempalate js error.

Go Testing

  • Cannot run a directory kind configuration when the working directory is the parent of the tested directory.

Diff Merge

  • 'Compare with clipboard' shortcut is not working in the commit dialog.

Find, Replace, Find Usages

  • Misspelling in search and replace dialog box.

IDE Configuration

  • Syntax error at ide.sigint.ignored.url.


  • Multiple "Updating indices" bg tasks after external file system changes.

Project View

  • Deleting empty package causes Project View to reset selection to the root.


  • SQL auto-complete is upper case and prepends schema name.

User Interface

  • Project View Popup does not match settings.
  • Evaluate window: cannot TAB from expression into results tree.
  • New background image feature covers up background color of color schemes.
  • Windows: "Show in Explorer" does not work with Cyrillic symbols.
  • Create directory/file in project view should move selection to created item.

Version Control

  • Compare with Local works incorrectly in a folder history.
  • Modification info not visible in commit dialog.

DB Connectivity

  • NullPointerException connecting to a specific SQL Server database.

DB Console

  • Dialog pops-up asking for parameters for Postgres query when no parameters are required.

DB Refactoring

  • Foreign keys: on delete set null missing in Oracle.

SQL Completion

  • Column type completion shows table names on SQLServer.

SQL Editing

  • Bad code is green: declare not at beginning of function.
  • Folding breaks on last column in SELECT list.
  • SQL: Oracle: numeric literal and FROM without a space between is green.
  • MySQL syntax for DROP USER commands does not recognize IF EXISTS clause correctly in Code Inspector.
  • SQL: typing quote does not insert pair quote with non empty string literal after typing position.
  • SQL: typing quote does not insert pair quote with more than one character prefix.

SQL Generation

  • Foreign key constraint names are not unique on generation.
  • Newline in Oracle DB adds character 'n' to to DDL.

SQL Highlighting

  • Exasol: support user-defined scalar functions (pl/SQL style) syntax.
  • Error in code analysis when procedure parameter has same name as local variable name (TSQL).
  • Syntax error: grant update on specific field.


  • Unable to debug React Native iOS project - "Error running 'iOS': Can't start debugger" message.


  • ESLint module can't be found when installed in a subfolder.
  • ESLint: errors from eslint-plugin-import are reported when they shouldn't.


  • Cannot parse TypeScript generic async arrow function.
  • Typescript inspections hanging.



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